Adding Candidates


1. From your home dashboard, click

“Manage Candidates”

2. Click the

“New Own Limited Company”

button at the top left of the screen to open up a blank email

Complete the fields in the new form – the yellow fields are mandatory.

Note – the record for a new limited company candidate is compiled of both the ‘Main’ tab and ‘Company Tab’ as below.

First, use the “main” tab


3. Candidate ID
You can make up your own Candidate ID, or use one from your front office system. One combination you can use is 4x Surname letters followed by 1x Forename and “01” So John Smith would become “SMITJ01”

4. Communication Method
The communication method will  provide your contractor with a login to the system if they are completing online timesheets. In this case it must be set to Email. If you are not using online timesheets – set as Normal Print.


Now, use the “Company” tab

5. Company ID
You also need an ID for the company record, you can make one up here to use the same as the candidate you created in the previous tab.

6. Require Contractor Invoice
This check box will hold any timesheets that you are awaiting an invoice for, if you have a self-bill agreement or do not require the purchase invoice copy, don’t worry about ticking it.

7. Company Registration Number
Company Reg: Must be 8 digits long, prefix with 0’s if it is not long enough by default. For Scottish co’s, Prefix with ‘SC’

8. VAT code
VAT Code: Standard 20 if they are VAT registered, and input their VAT reg number. Zero Rated if they are not registered.

9. Payment Method
Payment method: Default the BACS

10. Communication Method
Determine how you would like the system to send remittances, to email them please choose email and fill in the email address field. To post remits please select Normal Print.