Adding Candidates


1. From your home dashboard, click

“Manage Candidates”

2. Click the

“New PAYE”

button at the top left of the screen to open up a blank email.

Complete the fields in the new form – the yellow fields are mandatory.

3. Candidate ID
You can make up your own Candidate ID, or use one from your front office system. One combination you can use is 4x Surname letters followed by 1x Forename and “01” So John Smith would become “SMITJ01”

4. Communication Method
The communication method will determine how you send payslips to the contractor. To them posted choose ‘Normal Print’ to use email choose ‘Email’ – Note, if you choose email an automatically generated login will go to the contractor.

5. Tax Code
The tax declaration, A, B or C from the candidates starter form will determine the correct tax code. If the employee has provided you with a P45, you can type in their tax details here. Make sure you select the relevant tax code source before finishing adding the candidate using the save button at the top left.

6. NI Category
If the candidate is <21 years old, this will default to M. The standard NI Category is A
If the candidate is over state pension age or provides you with an exemption certificate, use C

7. Account Number must be 8 digits.

8. Sort Code must be 6 digits and entered without hyphens.