Adding Clients


1. From your home dashboard, click

“Manage Clients”

2. Next you need to click

“New Client”

3. Complete the fields in the form shown. The yellow fields are mandatory.

Note – The record for a new client requires you to add data to both Main and Financials tabs before saving.

The Client record quires a Client ID, this can be an ID of your choice but must be populated – Once you’ve added the Name and ID, move to the Financials tab.

4. Now in the financial tab you can input the billing details for the client as below:

The VAT rate will determine if you charge your client VAT – this defaults to 20 . If you do not wish to charge your client VAT on invoices, please select Zero Rated from the list.

Select your payment terms for each type of invoice for this client from the drop down list.

The Invoicing method will determine how the sales invoices are grouped when generated, there’s a number of options to choose from, such as one invoice per timesheet, or location, or candidate.

The additional email address field will CC in any email address’s input to the invoices that are sent from the system for this client. NOTE: This will send all invoice copies regardless of the invoice contact settings.

Once you have finished inputting all the details, please click Save at the top left to show the other tabs that need to be completed.

5. Once you have saved the record with the Main and the Financial tab complete, you will then see the remaining tabs appear. The most important to complete at this stage are the Locations tab and Contacts tab.

First, click on the Locations tab to add the client’s address.

6. Locations tab

Under the Location tab, click New Location + to add a new address record.

You must add a name for the location, this can be anything for your reference. For example, you could use Accounts Payable or where the office is based.

When you have finished adding all the yellow address fields you can click save at the top left. Then click Back (top right) to return to the main record page.

7. Contacts tab

Now click on the contacts tab, and click New to add a new contact to the record.

You’ll need to set up a contact for each of the below at your client:

  1. Invoice Contact
  2. Primary Approver (IF using online timesheets)
  3. Secondary Approver (If using online

Please make sure you complete all the yellow fields.

You can make up your own ID for the client contact.

The communication method here will determine if the client gets a login or not. If you set them to email, a login will be automatically

Tick this to allow your client to approve timesheets via their email rather than logging into the system (only applicable for online timesheets)