Adding Clients


What are Rate Cards and how can they help you?

Rate cards are a great way to speed up your timesheet entry by storing job specific rates in the client record. Popular among industrial or healthcare suppliers the rate cards can determine the pay and charge rate for specific jobs that you’re placing your candidates at.

1. From the Home Dashboard, click

“Manage Clients”

2. Type in the client’s name to find them in your grid and click on the ID to go into their record.

3. Now you’re in the Client Record, click on the Rate Card tab. Then click:


“New Rate Card” 

4. Add the name of the job title to the ‘Name’ field as shown.

Then click the “add” button on the right to assign rates to this job.

You can add as many rates as you like but you are only able to add one of each rate type.

5. From the drop-down rates menu, choose the rate that you would like to use.

6. If you have more than one rate to assign to this particular job. For example, Overtime or Night Rates – you can carry on adding rates using the add button as many times as you like.

Note: If you don’t yet know what the AWR rates are you can put these to 0.00 and update them at a later date.

Once you have added all the rates and dates in the yellow boxes you can save your new rate card record at the top left by hitting the Save button.