Daily Tasks


From any page in the system, click:

Sales Invoice


Find the invoice

Once you are in the invoice tab, make sure you are in the ‘Approved’ Sub-tab to find the invoices.

To search for your invoice, either type in the invoice number to the Invoice Number column, or if you don’t know the reference, use the date range to search.

Once you have found the invoice copy you are looking for, click the small triangle on the left to expand the invoice details.


Click “Edit” to add a new PO.

Once the invoice details have expanded, click the Edit button to add a new PO.


Update the invoice.

You will see a text field under PO Ref, just type your PO reference in here and click Update.


You may then need to re-generate the invoice before sending.

You only need to do this if you haven’t already delivered the invoice – for more information on how to do this see:

Regenerating Invoices

Resending Invoices