Daily Tasks


Click the “Sales Invoice” tab

It is always available at the top of your screen.

Select “Approved” tab

Once you are in the invoice tab, make sure you are in the ‘Approved’ Sub-tab to find the invoices.

To search for your invoice, either type in the invoice number to the Invoice Number column, or if you don’t know the reference, use the date range to search.

To check where the invoice has been sent and if it’s been sent yet, click the Show More button.


Clicking “Show more” will expand your view of the invoice details.

You may need to scroll right depending on the size of your screen

You should now be able to see where the invoice is being sent and if it has a green icon to show it has been delivered.


To resend your invoice.

Simply tick the Check Box and click Deliver Invoices. If you would just like to download a copy, click the blue invoice number.