Processing Timesheets with SideBySide


When your database is set up, you will be provided with a ‘document’ email address.

If you haven’t got a record of this drop us a call or email and we’ll be happy to assist.

Attach your timesheets to an email, you can attach multiple documents.

The documents must be an image file or pdf – Word and Excel will not be accepted into the system.

To ensure smooth processing – please make sure you delete anything from the email body, including your signature.

Now at the home screen click:

Side by Side


Split the email

Click the small Split Arrow at the bottom of the page to separate the blank cover email from the following images.

Then click Spam at the top to delete it.


Add new Timesheet.

Now type in the candidate’s name to the candidate box. You’ll be on the ‘Timesheet’ tab by default – make sure you don’t change this.

Once you’ve typed in the contractors name click the + button to add a new timesheet.


Enter Timesheet Details.

Make sure you fill in all the yellow fields, and choose the correct rate card from the drop-down arrow.


Enter hours worked.

Input the hours / days from the timesheet on the left to the relevant rate in the units column.

Once you have finished adding the hours, hit Save at the top and move on to the next timesheet.

**Your timesheet image will now be stored in the candidate record and also automatically attached to the relevant sales invoice.